Network, Smarthome APC $19

Newegg has the BGE90M on sale for $19 with code BTEPXRY25. I have a few of these. Only 2 prong ungrounded outlets, but perfect for hubs, network switches, IP cameras etc.


I’ve got one, and that’s exactly what I’m using it for. So far, so good.

I’ve got at least 4 of them scattered around the house. They word great for IP cameras as long as you have local recording and all your network equipment and DVR are also on UPS.


It said that my email isn’t valid for the code.

I signed up for their list and still no go.

Are you using an App or something?

It’s probably just that Newegg is stingy with their discount codes like that.

If you didn’t get the email with the code on it, you can’t use it, even if you sign up later I guess.

Discount works for me (just checked).

Yes it was in the app, code may have only been good yesterday.

Just keep in mind it’s not a pure sine wave UPS, very rarely some power supplies don’t like square wave UPS’ though usually they’re larger devices which this isn’t really meant for.

That’s where people start complaining and giving bad reviews, when they try using these for devices it’s not designed for.
Used for ST hub, Hue bridge, modem, router, IP cameras, network switches etc they work fine for those annoyance power outtages.


I hate to be the bearer of bad news. If you made a purchase on Newegg between Aug 14 through Sept 18, your data may have been compromised :frowning:

I’ve always paid with PayPal when making a NewEgg purchase. That transaction would be safe since PayPal doesn’t share credit card information with the retailer. Visa Checkout too.