Network error

I installed a Kasa 3 plug power strip and with a few issues got it working controlling 2 lamps. I added the device to ST and named the used plugs Lamp 1 and Lamp 2. However when I go into my automation I wanted to delete older routines and create new ones but I have not been able to do so because I keep getting NETWORK ERROR in the last step. Everything else seems to be working but no editing or creation of automations. I even power off/on the hub but still the problem. As this is a new and critical issue and appears to have started when I added the power strip I am completely lost on how to resolve and get my automation back. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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Still can’t change or add any automation and it appears the few simple ones I do have set up are not working either. Basically this hub has become useless for the reason I bought it. I have read several postings from 2-3 years ago of people having same problem and they finally gave up because could not get ST support to resolve. I have only had this hub for about 3 weeks so need to resolve quickly or will be returning while I still can. Frustrated and disappointed as I was warned by several other users about my choice. Hopefully there is still a resolution? If not back to drawing board for my control and hub.

Did your try to contact support? You can do that right from the app.

Surprisingly I was able to get through (phone) very quickly with Samsung Support (maybe because it was Sat. morning). Regardless the tech provided me a solution that at least worked for me and perhaps for others that get the dreaded NETWORK ERROR message. Here is what I did.

  • If your mobile app is on IOS (like mine) go into Safari settings and select Clear
    History and Website History
  • Delete your ST app
  • Reinstall the ST app
  • Open the ST app and sign out from settings
  • Sign back in the app and check to see if you still get the error adding, editing or deleting automations. BEWARE: This resolved my problem but I did lose the few automations that I had created. In my case that was not an issue because I was wanting to delete them anyway. The tech said that should not have happened but it did in my case.