Network Connected CCTV

(Christopher Filip) #1

I have a night owl 8 camera CCTV system with a network connected dvr. The individual cameras are not IP, just the DVR. I know both the internal and external ip addresses and ports needed to access the dvr, but would like to integrate it into smartthings in some fashion. Has anyone figured out a way to do this?

(Robin) #2

This should do the trick for you… I use it to integrate my IP streams and it works well.

You’ll need to know the full DVR URL (including username and password within URL) to get it working.

(Christopher Filip) #3

I am not sure this will work. It seems to be meant for ip cameras.

(Robin) #4

Can you view a stream in the URL or is it more of a control panel?

(Christopher Filip) #5

Currently I can access feeds from all 8 cameras on one screewn by using the night owl light app. I just plug the internal ip address of the dvr into the app.

(Robin) #6

What happens if you type that IP address directly into the address bar of a regular web browser?

(Christopher Filip) #7

I get an error that the browser can’t connect, evenif I include the port in the address.

(Robin) #8

Default port is 1024 right?

Some info here about UPNP / port forwarding for Night Owl DVR’s:

If you can get a stream to show up in a web browser it can be shown in ST.

(Christopher Filip) #9

There are actually three different pinholes setup for the dvr. 2049, 2050, and 8080. None of them work in a web browser, but 8080 lets me pull it up in the night owl light app.

(Cliff DesPeaux) #10

Did you ever get this working? I also have a Night Owl DVR and would love to access it via ST.

(Christopher Filip) #11

Nope, never got it going. And since my model is not an ip camera set, just a network connected cctv dvr. I am looking at upgrading to a foscam system as soon as possible as it can be connected.