Network Connected CCTV

I have a night owl 8 camera CCTV system with a network connected dvr. The individual cameras are not IP, just the DVR. I know both the internal and external ip addresses and ports needed to access the dvr, but would like to integrate it into smartthings in some fashion. Has anyone figured out a way to do this?

I am not sure this will work. It seems to be meant for ip cameras.

Currently I can access feeds from all 8 cameras on one screewn by using the night owl light app. I just plug the internal ip address of the dvr into the app.

I get an error that the browser can’t connect, evenif I include the port in the address.

There are actually three different pinholes setup for the dvr. 2049, 2050, and 8080. None of them work in a web browser, but 8080 lets me pull it up in the night owl light app.

Did you ever get this working? I also have a Night Owl DVR and would love to access it via ST.

Nope, never got it going. And since my model is not an ip camera set, just a network connected cctv dvr. I am looking at upgrading to a foscam system as soon as possible as it can be connected.