Blue iris camera

Could someone point me I the right direction on adding blue iris cameras to smartthings.maybe some document instruction. Thanks

I’s this possible with smartthings v2. I currently have them working with vera. But having a bit of a hard time understanding smartthings.

You would probably have to create a custom device for it. You can start out by testing the video streaming functionality using @pstuart’s Generic Video Camera DTH.

What brand are the cameras and what are you wanting to do with them in ST?

Avtech and generic ip cameras on blue iris. Just wanted to view and maybe record when a door is open or motion is trigger. But as of now Im returning the hub. I’m able to do this already with verá. Plus trying to add DSC alarm and Blue iris is a bit harder then what I expected. With verá all I had to do was download the app and configure with ip and password. I appreciate the reply.