Netatmo Thermostat/ActionTiles

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I’ve managed to integrate my Netatmo weather station and thermostat up to a point. It works in the Smartthings app in as much as I get a tile that I can flip between the inside temperature and the target temperature for the heating.

I’m using ActionTiles for my dashboard and have a tile that shows the inside temperature but it doesn’t allow me to adjust the target temperature. If I add a tile, I have an entry for the Netatmo thermostat but it doesn’t show anything for heating controls.

Anyone got any idea?


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Hi, how did you get it to work with ST and AT’s?

I didn’t in the end. For other reasons, I went with SharpTools rather than ActionTiles. I had the same problem with that but I contacted them and they added it to their “hit list” of things to fix. It’s because the device doesn’t have the thermostat capability by default (or something like that). The SharpTools guys put me on their beta programme and did some work at their end which fixed it. After a couple of weeks they contacted me to say that they’d rolled it out for general release and the 2 tablets and phone that I have that weren’t using the beta just updated to show the controls to change the heating. I’ve tested it, but probably not in anger as we’re into that time of year when the heating is off a lot of the time. From what I can see though, it works perfectly.

It’s been a while since I added it but I’m pretty sure I’m using this:

Hope that helps!

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Glad to have you as part of the family, Andy!

@PaddaOnIce you can find more details at:

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Cheers, chief!

Bit off topic but I’m building a Raspberry Pi based system to replace the head unit in my car. I’m using SharpTools as the base for it at the moment with Chromium in kiosk mode. I’ve no idea of the direction I’ll go in but the idea is to create tiles that will link to web based services like Amazon Music, etc, or local services ( running on the Pi that I’m looking to create in Python. The choice with that sort of thing is rubbish. There’s OpenAuto and CrankShaft which are flaky as anything, and something like which is silly money. Nothing in the middle that I can find, and lots of people trying to do it.

If you ever think of diversifying… :slight_smile:

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