Thermostat recommendations? (Denmark)

Hi guys, I hope I’m posting in the right place - otherwise let me know.

I’m a rookie ST and smarthome user (tho fairly competent when it comes to technology and tinkering there of)

I would like to make the heating of my rented apartment slightly intelligent.

Since I’m Danish, I started out looking at Danfoss thermostats since they used to be high quality products - that just worked (hint: they are not anymore)

I all ready have 2 Danfoss ECO 2 thermostats (connected via Bluetooth to an app)…I am not sure if they can/should in anyway be integrated

I have the ST V3, and I would like to control 7 central heating radiators (valve/thermostat is located on the pipe that leads the hot water TO the radiator - don’t know if that’s important)

Price is part of the equation . So stuff like ecobee costs more then I can justify using on the system.

Have you take a look at Heait thermostats and their Z-Water controller?

Do you have a link?
I can’t seem to find it when searching

You can find the links to the products on these topics:
[RELEASE] Heatit Z-TRM2fx / Z-TRM3 Electronic Thermostat Device Handler (Official)
[RELEASE] HeatIt Z-Water Device Handler (Official)

Well, it looks quit good and all, but they are for floor heating. I need old-school thermostat valves for wall mount radiators