Best thermostat for SmartThings integration

Hey friends it’s been awhile since I’ve posted. I’m ready to tackle my next Smart Home Project I’m looking to replace my thermostat but something that integrates with Samsung SmartThings. I’m in the US with a gas heater which one do you think will be the easiest one for integration and reliability? Thanks in advance for the suggestions!!

I highly recommend ecobee 4 with the free ecobee suite manager by Sandood, which is available in Github. It is what I’ve been using for over 3 years.

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Depends on what you want to do with it, build a custom setup with remote sensors in each room that you can manage with your own rules then something like a CT-101 or CT-100 (GoControl/Vivint/IRIS etc) and then pair it with ST apps and sensors etc.
If you want the thermostat to be independent with their own built in logic and have basic controls through ST then something like a Nest or EcoBee.

I just want to be able to control the temperature from within the smartthings application or through Alexa via smartthings integration.

In that case any of them will do. Your pick! CT-100 or Ct-50 are the cheapest I’d guess.

I’ve been very happy with my EcoBee 3, its brought into SmartThings and I control it with Alexa. Too bad this wasen’t yesterday though…they were on sale and the remote sensors were half off.

If you are choosing between google & ecobee, remember that ecobee will work in both smartthings apps and nest…well I believe there are some programs written up fpr.nest to work with smartthings priced from 0 dollars & up.

I have two Ecobees and they do a great job at maintaining the correct heat based on presence and time schedule.

Heating and Cooling is a gradual thing and having a balanced system helps at keeping a constant temp throughout the house. You really shouldn’t have a big difference of varying temps all over the house but if you do, the remote sensors come in handy here. Especially for balancing.

Furthermore, the remote sensors work even better when you have controllable zones (A way to turn on/off the heat to a particular area or room). Without this, it’s kinda gimmicky…

To save money, if you don’t mind cooking your own rules, go with a regular smart therm and many contact or motion sensors have temperature readings as well. There are plenty of SmartApps here for making schedules.

If you want a no fuss, set it and forget it, go with an Ecobee or Nest.