Nest thermostat tune off routine can not be overriden

I have this routine to turn off my nest thermostat if the temperature is equal or above 12°.

Some how when the routine kicks in and works perfect, if i try it turn on the Nest manually it won’t let me, it goes back off again.
Is there a reason why?

Likely the thermostat reports a temperature event when being turned back on and if the temp is at/above 12 deg, it shuts it off again. You need some other triggering condition (or pre-condition) that would negate turning it off.

But its the temperature outside not the nest it self.

Not sure what routine to set up. Any suggestion please?

How do you have the Routine written now?

The ‘equal to or above’ condition usually only triggers the Routine to do anything on the change from false to true. Does the Routine have another condition that could trigger it? For example are you also testing for the Nest being on? That would need to be marked as a precondition to prevent the Routine triggering when it turns on.

Have you checked the History in the app (Menu > History) to see what is happening?

Let me play around with your suggestions and see if works. Thanks for taking ur time to suggest that

Just to be clear, I was querying whether the existing Routine had the extra condition as it would explain the issue.

That’s one one routine.

So, with that Routine, either event of the temp going to or above 12 deg OR changing to the heat mode with cause the Nest to turn off. What I think you want is for the “Nest Mode is heat” to be a pre-condition so that the Nest mode is checked when evaluating the temp event. Once you change it, the Routine will read “If the temp goes to or over 12 deg and the state of the Nest is heat mode then turn it off”.

Ahhhh. I get it.

Thanks a lot. Hehe