Nest Automation

I am not trying to build anything complicated with my SST App. But I am trying to build an automation that just turns my thermostat to 76 degrees when I get home.
Right now I have “if” me at my home “then” Family room cooling temp 76 mod auto.
For some reason when I arrive home the temperature goes to 80 degrees, is there a conflict somewhere how do I debug this?
Thanks in advance

You can go to the device details for your thermostat and then look at the “routines” tab at the bottom. That will show all of the routines that use this thermostat. You may have a conflict there. It is also possible that there is an automation in the Nest thermostat itself. You may have setup a geofence automation in the Google Home environment that is switching it to 80 degrees, overriding ST

Thanks, imthink I may have found the conflict

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