Set Cool / Heat From Routine

I am using a Nest Thermostat and have my Routines set the temperature. This has been working without issue through the winter. Not that it is warmer out and we are using the AC I noticed that the Routines are not setting the Cool temp. I tried deleting and adding the thermostat tried creating a new routine. If I have the routine set with both the cool and heat temp only the heat works. If I remove the heat setting then cool starts to work. Anyone have any ideas to get this working properly so I don’t have to edit my routines every time I change the thermostat from Heat to Cool?

Remove your heat setting in the routine.

What are using to control your Nest (Nest-Manager?)

Ran though the test scenario and cool sets correctly for me when I run my good bye routine.

Hello desertblade, I am using the code from Author: ", Code:".

What is Nest-Manger, do you have any information on where to get it?

Thanks for your help.

Here you go!

Thank you this Nest app is so much better. It even pulls in my 6 Protects. This also fixes my routine and cool settings.


I like the easy fixes.

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