Nest thermostat temperature Automation with Smartthings motion sensors


I am trying to create an automation using two smarthings motion sensors and my Nest 3rd gen thermostat. I have two rooms in our house that get very cold when the kids shut their door at night to sleep. The smartthings motion sensor also read temperature. I am trying to use the sensors to call for heat at the nest thermostat but nothing happens.

Automation is setup

Motion Sensor A
Temperature - equals to or below 67F

Heathing Temperature 69F
Thermostat mode Heat

I have issues when using whole numbers with SmartThings brand motion and multipurpose sensors using their temperature as the trigger for Automations. So instead of using whole numbers like 67 or 67.0 which also just saves the whole number 67 without the decimal zero, I use a decimal value like 67.1 instead as the trigger which for my Automations seems to be more reliable.

But then, some users are having issues setting some thermostats these days.

Thanks for the replay. That trick of entering 67.1 didn’t help in my case.

I was able to get this working. I realized when I called for heat because the room sensor dipped below 65.1 degrees that it won’t satisfy based on the room sensor temp. I actually had to request in the automation to raise the thermostat temp higher.

For example - Nest is set to heat to 68 degrees and in order to get the heat to turn on I had to raise that temp through the automation to 72. It defeats the purpose of the routine as I can adjust the temp directly at the nest in order to get the other rooms warmer.