How to turn motion sensor off at night?

Hello their everyone,

I need some help with a project. I’m helping a friend who got a house with different rooms to he rents to students. The students are always leaving their heating on in the room so we installed Tado thermostats and motion sensors from Smartthings.

I installed them with this rule in IFTTT:

So when someone is in their room the heating will bu turned on. But at night we want I to be 17 degrees. The problem is when someone wakes op to use the bathroom at night the heater will turn on.

I was trying webcore to turn off the motion sensors at night so it won’t trigger IFTTT.

Thanks for the help!

There are several ways to tackle this, here is mine:
I have a Nest Thermostat, I have programmed the thermostat to set various temps through out the day independent of smartthings.
I also have my nest set w/ emergency mode temps so my home will never be too hot or cold regardless of any other automations.
I use smartthings to update my nest on my homes occupancy (nest home/away), so when my home is occupied i get programmed temps and when i’m out i get emergency temps.
I think that hard setting any HVAC temp for anyone but yourself a bit heavy handed, it might be better to set a valid temp range in core and should the local users set the HVAC outside the range webcore will adjust the temp back into the range.

I’m going to reply to this even though it’s a year old at this point for anyone else encountering this problem. This is what modes are for in SmartThings. Have the rule only run when in “day” mode and not in “night” mode (or whatever you want to name them).

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