Nest Smartthings Automations 0-40 celcius range?

So recently I integrated my nest devices to smartthings, and when I try to make a new automation with my nest learning thermostat, the only temperature range it shows is 0-40 and Im guessing that is celcius. Im in the USA and I was hoping somebody could help me out with this to allow the automations to show the Fahrenheit range instead. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I also have this problem. Watching…

Report it to
Also check your geo location, the scale is typically taken by the app based on your location’s geolocation set in the app (you could change through the app earlier but you can only do it through the IDE)

Is there anywhere else I could look?

Currently the temperature scale in the app is determined by Samsung account region. If you are seeing the wrong temperature scale it is likely a bug. Please contact