Nest Protect and Nest Thermostat

Hi , I am new here and was wondering how do i get my Nest protects and my Nest thermostat to connect to the ST hub ? I have the ST Connect 3puck wifi mesh/hub system …

The only working solution I am aware of is @yvesracine’s My Next Manager which is an integration that requires payment to gain access to. I have not used it personally, but the following thread should provide plenty of information.

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@tonesto7 has Nest Manager. Not certain if he has something for Nest Protect

Pretty sure Nest Manager is no longer supported due to Google shutting down the “Works with Nest” API for everyone.

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As @ogiewon said, @tonesto’s code no longer works since Google changed its account structure:

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@JDRoberts, i’m actually not sure what I’m using, but Google’s decision somehow did not affect me and my integration still works. Are there any other workarounds that you know about for other people?

If you never updated your nest account and it still works with Ifttt, then i believe it would still work with a previously installed version of @tonesto’s code. But it won’t work for new people.

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I listed the only other working solution I know of in post #2, above.


Stay tuned… one never knows what will change :slight_smile:


I want to have faith, but I’m pretty sure that page hasn’t been updated since they took down works with Nest and announced the Works With Google plan.

I’ve got 6 nest protects sitting brand new in the box that I bought on Target clearance, and I’m damn close to selling them on FB/Ebay and buying into First Alert Zcombo’s instead.


You know, you can still use the nest protects and just add the ecolink acoustic sensor, the Firefighter. It’s Z wave and works well with smartthings. It will alert when it hears the UL required alarm pattern from another smoke detector, including a nest protect.


This is so much like putting my mobile phone on speaker next to the speaker phone in a conference call when one user cannot actually connect to the conference call. It uses a technology known as “Voice over Air” to bridge between the two incompatible electronic systems. Here we have “Alarm over Air” which will work, but… hmmm.


I see that Google has finally allowed access to their API for a $5 fee and you can now use the Device Access Sandbox to evaluate the API or create personal use integration. I paid the $5 for access but really have no clue what im looking at with all the strings of code just for obtaining an access token from the Google Authorization Server. Hoping this sparks the interest of some of the more programming literate folks on here to re-support our nest paperweights into our smart homes again.

This api doesn’t support the protect

I made the mistake of purchasing a Nest Protect yesterday thinking this API would support it, and I can confirm it’s not supporting the Protect, I will return the unit since it’s an expansive mostly dumb smoke/co detector, it will not help protect my family and my home more than my 20$ devices, I will evaluate if I go with the Ecolink device or add a Z-Wave module to my existing Kidde detectors.

Nest us now supported in native SmartThings. Just add the thermostat and link in Nest. I came here looking for the Nest protects and I don’t see them.

only nest cams, doorbell and thermostats are integrated at this time.

this is an older thread and there are newer threads that are devoted to the nest integration.