Nest Error Developer Data Missing

(Peter Duda) #1

Does Anyone know how to solve this problem

Nest Developer Data Missing
Client ID and Secret Missing

The built in client id and secret can no longer be provided.

Please Help

(Eric) #2


(Kevin Baugh) #3

Ok I have looked at these 2 links I am trying to get the nst manager working but all I get is this Nest Developer Data Missing client and secret missing

(jkp) #4

When you entered your client Id and secret in IDE, did you enter it into the blank fields to the right of the field names or did you paste it over the field names?

(Kevin Baugh) #5

Where is this done and the client and secret is that the user name and password from. Nest? These seem like a great app but either i am missing the great directions or…

(jkp) #6

(Kevin Baugh) #7

I am getting this when I log into nest developer

If I click on creat new oauth client I get this very similar screen

that looks the same

then I go down to permissions and I get this screen

if I click on away read write I get this


(jkp) #8

Follow the instructions carefully. Make sure there are no spaces before/after the URLS you copied. Make sure you set up the permissions exactly as written in the guide. When you are copying the descriptions, you will get some hard returns from the pdf file - remove them and make the descriptions look exactly as you see it in the guide :slight_smile:

(Kevin Baugh) #9

I don’t understand where this is