Adding additional devices to nest manager 4.0

I currently have one nest protect which is working flawlessly through the nest manager. I am just wondering when I add additional devices like other protects or thermostats how is this done? The nest and smartthings app are now linked will they just show up when added to nest app?

After you add new devices to your nest account, you can go into Nest Manager and enabled them by selecting them under devices. This will install the dth for the newly selected devices.

Can you please clarify what you mean by go into Nest Manager? I have been clicking through many screens and don’t see any place to select my new Nest Thermostat. I have one working from when I first set it up, but it appeared after a while, so I don’t recall how it got added.

Nest Manager (or NST Manager if you are on latest)

was installed from the Marketplace -> My Apps during the install.

Once installed, you find it in the ST mobile app, select the third icon at the bottom, (it looks like a icon with a check mark in it), then near the top select “SmartApps”, it should be listed with your other installed Smartapps