Nest Manager 4.0 and Nest Cam


(Vincent Blokker) #1

Hello guys,

I have a question about Nest Manager 4.0. I installed it and my Nest Protect are working. Great! Now I also want to see my cam.

Well, it load and looks ok. But the stream does not start. I can take Snapshots, but the stream is just not connecting. I even get a message “Camera cannot be found. We are trying to connect” But I can take a Snapshot?

Ive tested 2 nest settings 1: public with password and 1: private. The cam is in the baby room, so public streaming is not an option.

Who can help me? What stupid thing Im I missing?

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(Jay S) #2

I think you have to make it public for it to work so I dont think it will fit your scenario. I have mine on my front door together with a ring pro so I dont mind enabling public sharing.
I dont know how you feel about the Nest app but I use it more often that the Nest Manager app for camera viewing. I only use the nest manager for automating my thermostat and protects.

(jkp) #3

You need to share it publicly without the password.

You can find the info on the Nest Manager wiki page

(Vincent Blokker) #4

Ok, so Im going to sell my Nest Cam :wink: Thanks for that advice.

What cam for an babyroom is save (not public streaming) and works well with SmartThings?