Nest cam integration to SmartThings

I’ve installed the Nest Manager 4.0 app and it isn’t working quite right with my nest camera. What I want is for my nest camera to sound an alarm through my SmartThings hub when it detects motion. I played around with IFTTT and got an applet to call my cell phone when the nest cam detects motion. That is working well, although it isn’t realtime and it can take up to a minute to get the phone call after the camera detects motion. I certainly don’t want to wait a minute to sound the siren after the camera detects motion.

Has anyone played around with the Nest Cam API? It seems I can make a call to it once per minute and check to see if the latest event has changed, and that would indicate there has been motion since the last minute I called. I don’t see a way in the API for the Nest Cam to send an outbound call to something when it triggers an event.

Any help?

Ive got mine added but dont plan on doing much through ST with it. Nest does a good job with notifications but still you get a lot of false positives. It would get annoying real quick having an alarm go off any time it sees movement.

When you say you’ve got yours added, are you making an call to the Nest API every X minutes or is there someway for the Nest API to send an outbound message to ST when it detects motion?

I just mean ive got mine added, like you have yours added with the NST Manager App.

Donators, can access the stream module (that runs on node.js system in your home).

This will provide motion events to ST from the camera within 15 seconds or so of them occuring. (Nest does not report the motion to the api until the event has ended.)

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