Nest open sources its HA network protocol. What does this mean for getting the cameras to a point they can be controlled via ST app?


Nest Open Thread
(Patrick Stuart [@pstuart]) #2

Nothing, this is thread the zigbee like alternative, Nestcam’s use wifi. Completely unrelated.


Dam. I just want to be able to turn them on when I leave and turn them off when I am home.

(Ben W) #4

Nest-Manager can do that with Away/Home presence, if you set your cameras to be on when Away.

(Patrick Stuart [@pstuart]) #5

and you don’t want to use the built in nest away features for this, why?


Because I would rather have it all manged in one app?


@desertblade You can do it for the Cameras? I looked at that and only saw Thermostat stuff.

(Patrick Stuart [@pstuart]) #8

And the nest app isn’t one app? I’m lost. If you can do it with the native device and native app, why would you want to do it in a 3rd party app?

Nest has presence detection and can turn on off nest cams based on it. Can even use the presence sensor in your nest thermostat or use your phone.


I dont understand what you are finding so confusing? I want to manage the process from my Smartthings app instead of having to have the nest app installed as well.

(Patrick Stuart [@pstuart]) #10

Ok, understood. But Nest cam and nest thermostat integration with ST hasn’t happened in two years, and probably won’t happen any time soon. So I was simply offering you an option you can use today. But if you want to wait for something that is probably never going to happen, go for it.

(Ben W) #11

Cameras are not supported in Nest-Manager but setting home and away is. If you just want ST to set Nest presence, then Nest can turn the camera on on away, then it should work.


Sweet. Thanks for the help man.