Nest integration question

I have an ST hub at home and 2 Nest thermostats at the office. I currently use IFTTT with an Alexa applet so I can say ,“Alexa, trigger office heating”, for those days when I leave for the office earlier than when the Nest would normally be scheduled to turn on.

Is there any way to have some sort of smarter routine that could send this command to turn on the heating at the office based on the ST presence sensor if it’s before the scheduled Nest turn on time? Basically, if I leave for the office, M-F before 7am, turn on the heat?

Alexa can control Nest directly. No need for IFTTT with Alexa.

For ST integration, you will need an app created by community developers called NST Manager.

Even though the Nest devices are not connected to my home hub?

The NST Manager app will be the link to the ST hub. Then Nest can be part of the routines etc in ST.

Full documentation:

Official thread:

Thanks guys, it looks like I’ve installed NST Manager and created an automation in ST that when my ST Presence key fob leaves the house, Mon-Fri, it should set the office Nest thermostat to a preset temp. Will hopefully be able to test this onb Monday!