Best Practices for Nest Thermostat?

Hi everyone! I have had two Nest thermostats for several years and I’m curious what you guys are doing to utilize yours to it’s fullest potential?

I use NST manager to connect them to Smartthings but don’t really have any automations running them. Using NST I shut then off if the doors/windows stay open but that’s it. I have schedules set through the Nest app, do you all do that too or use your presence sensors to set schedules depending on when you’re actually home or do you let Nest do it’s actual learning thing?

Any other tips would be really helpful! Thanks a lot!

I use the NST Manager location automation that sets Nest to Eco when nobody is home and an automation to turn off heat/cool when the door is left open for an extended time. I kept all the regular schedules in the Nest App to make sure they run, even if Smarthings is offline (for one of the many reasons it goes offline every so and so often…).
I also override these schedules with routines/activities or based on occupancy (e.g. motion detector) or events (If the light in the basement is off for x minutes, turn off the heating.)
I am not using the learning function because our schedule is very predictable overall.

I don’t use the Nest app schedules since my schedule varies too much. I don’t use the Nest function of knowing when someone is home for it to adjust automatically since it is upstairs and I rarely pass by it.

I have my ST routines set the temp for Nest. Goodbye routine sets Nest to 85, turns off all lights and sets SHM to alarm (away). Return routine lowers temp and sets SHM to home. I will have ST app execute that while I’m driving home if I don’t have it set to a certain time. Goodnight/Sleep routine drops the temp a little more for sleeping, turns off all lights and sets SHM to alarm (stay). Good morning raises the temp a little, turns on certain lights and sets SHM to home. My electric bill has dropped a lot since I started using the Nest.

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