Nest Integration not working

Hi Guys

Your usual newbie/rookie here.

Just got Smarthings hub and got a few things hooked up without any major issues. Ikea bulbs, Aqara door sensors.

I have nest and have followed the wiki page for integration install.

On the face of it, the integration is done correctly since I can see my Nest in ST (classic) app and it shows all kinds of info and I believe, correct status e.g. temperature, on/off status etc.

However, I can’t control Nest from ST app. There are plus and minus buttons to increase and decrese temperature but when I press it, it doesn’t really do anything.

Until this is fixed, I don’t think trying to atuomate anything with Nest is worth it. Most likely it will fail.

Another indicator is that the NST Automation smart app is showing error. See the attached photo.

I don’t know if it is related or not but I think both issues should be resolved for proper function even if they are not related to each other.

Happy to upload any logs etc or happy to redo any part of the process.

The new app is showing all kinds of error when I try anything to do with Nest but that could be because I have read somewhere that the new app doesn’t support smart apps.


I suggest you post your question in this thread:

One thing I should point out. You can’t use NST Automations from MarketPlace : SmartApps : My Apps which your image shows you are. Instead, NST Automations are in the NST Manager smartapp that is located in Automation : Smartapps :slight_smile:

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can you elaborate a bit more? I couldn’t understand exactly where I am supposed to find the one you are referring to. The one I currently have should be removed I assume?

Thanks, I will post it again there.

No, you do not need to remove it. It is a child app of the main app.

Again, open the NST Manager smartapp that is located in Automation : SmartApps. When you open it, there is a section called Automations. That is where you build your Automations.

Thanks JKP, found it. Its kinda all over the place for me the automations of NST Manager. But i will try to figure out how to use it. My initial concern is just simple control from the ST app. Just turn it on and off, increase, decrease temp etc.