Nest device type with a bunch of new features

Thanks for this device type! My nest is finally up and running with SmartThings. I’m using @imbrianj’s “change nest mode” custom app to set away and home modes on the nest and it works perfectly. However, I’d like to trigger a temperature setpoint at night when I put smartthings into night mode. The hello home action/routine has an option to set the temperature on my thermostat as part of the routine, but it never works. I can change the temperature on the device manually within smartthings, but it never works when part of a routine. Any help?

I’m having the exact same problem Robert is seeing, are we doing something wrong?

On your device, under the type drop-down, make sure you select “Nest” at the very bottom of the list and not “Nest Thermostat” higher up on the list. Then you can put in your preferences.

Nevermind, figured out my mistake!

The instructions are vague in two areas:

  1. You have to copy/paste the code from GitHub into your ST code page for the devicetype.

  2. The Edit -> Preferences referred to are also in the app on your phone/device. Took me a while to figure this out.

Note: I had to close the app on my phone and reopen it after entering my Nest account details. App works great!


Hope this helps.

This might be of interest. It applies to using any custom device type:

So, is anyone else using a alternate sensor for their temp reading instead of the thermostat itself?

I recently tried this and realized the heating and cooling set temperatures do not change when I change to different motes. I’m using “Keep Me Cozy II” I removed the alternate temperature option from the preferences and it start changing like it should again.

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I’m still having this issue with keep me cozy II. Anyone else?

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I have actually notice this device type is not working for me at all. the temp reading is incorrect and I’m not able to change the temp. It seems totally unresponsive.

Anyone else?

Ok, I’ll give that a try. Thanks.

That fixed the issue with the Nest itself. However, when I’m using them with an external temp sensor, the Keep me Cozy 2 does not change the temperature.

I followed the instructions and added nest to smartthings. Everything seems to be working except polling. Smartthings will not show the current status unless I hit the refresh button. I thought maybe I wan’t giving it enough time, but I let this morning it was showing the state from yesterday afternoon. I hit refresh and everything is fine. Is this normal?

I’ve never been able to get Keep Me Cozy II to work with my Nest. I always fill in everything and get "“Failed to save page: defaultPage”. I tried adding the most recent Nest device type above and transferring my Nest over to that type, but it made no difference. Any suggestions?

Thank god I’m not the only one.

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Actually, I was thinking about this. Is there a way to just add an alternate temp sensor in the Nest device type instead of having to use Keep Me Cozy II?

In addition, can someone please explain how keep me cozy II works? When the temp set point changes does it just check the alternate sensor and then add how ever many degrees it needs to match the set point? It so, this would work horribly.

Trying to get set up. I copied the code into the device type and have edited the preferences with my login and serial info but when I tap on Nest under devices, the smartthings app immediately crashes. I do see the device controls for a split second.

Any ideas?

I also have the same problem. iPhone 6s.

Also just blowing up with an iPhone 6s.

Hiya. Check out the thread below - I made the suggestions there made by desertblade and it immediately worked. Happy times.