Nest Cam Outdoor

Nest have just announced the Nest Cam Outdoor. It’s the same as the Nest Cam inside, so it should still work with Nest Manager.

“Person alerts” is greatly needed and should distinguish Nest from their competition. Outside motion detection is much more prone to false alarms from rain, snow, shadows, wind, etc.

It looks like they addressed the display bug introduced when Nest was released and sell it as a feature (“you’ll now get a full view of all your live camera feeds right away”).

It is pre-order for a “fall” release so it will be a while before we get an objective review.

I have a Dropcam and Nest, but will probably wait for Blink’s outdoor camera which is supposed to come out at the end of this year. I can get three or four wire free Blinks with no monthly fees for one Nest .

The price is the same as their indoor camera… $199.

Really happy to see this. With the exception of ST integration these cams are dynamite. IWe just moved and I was getting ready to set up one outside again but I guess I will wait and instead put the other one downstairs. Also really happy to hear about new features to the service. The false alarms outside are pretty brutal. Especially on a windy day.

For folks who develop - I know there is some integration with Nest currently. This camera has two way voice which I don’t know if that is in the current Nest Smartapp. Given the APIs of both Nest and Smartthings, is it safe to assume that there will be further Nest/ST integration?

I really wish we could use the two-way audio but that would require the Nest API supporting it and ST allowing us to tap into the mobile client to use the microphone permissions

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I’m stuck between Arlo Pro and Nest Cam Outdoor. In the Arlo vs Nest battle, who do you guys think wins? I want to make the right decision since both security cameras have lots of positive reviews.

I went with arlo because

a) It can run on battery OR wired, nest only does wired
b) the basic free arlo package is 7 days for up to 5 cameras were nest had no free cloud storage
c) Arlo has an option for local storage.

It doesn’t seem that Arlo does continuous recording like the Nest does. I really like that feature.

the continue recording was a negative for me. seems like a huge waste of bandwidth

The average is 200kbps. I personally have 75/75 internet, which means I could theoretically run 375 Nest cameras.

I am 65/5, the best I can get in my area