Nest away mode

(Brian Schwartz) #1

I’m trying to get my hue lights to turn off when my nest goes into away mode, but I’ve noticed that if I set my best to away manually or through the nest app, it doesn’t see it, but if I use the thing wishing ST, it works. Is this just because of the workaround nature of this integration?

(DLee) #2

Can’t answer the why part, but have you tried automating it through IFTTT until Nest is fully supported?

(Brian Schwartz) #3

Thanks. For some reason I was completely focused on just ST. This should work easily but of course would eventually love ST to work. Thanks again.

(NotoiousBDG) #4

You can do what you want if you use my Nest device type (Nest device type with a bunch of new features) with Pollster ("Pollster" - A SmartThings Polling Daemon). My updated Nest device type exposes Nest presence as a SmartThings presence sensor and Pollster refreshes the Nest device on a schedule. This allows you to create a hello home action that will automatically run when everyone leaves, where everyone is your Nest presence sensor.

(Brian Schwartz) #5

Thanks, I’ll give it a try!