Smartthings turns off lights when I arrive home

I have been having these problems for awhile. When I arrive home smartthings is turning off my outside lights. I have checked routines and logs but I cannot figure out why it is doing this.
I use the geofencing of my phone to perform I’m back when I arrive and to open my garage. I’m using hue bulbs outside. It shows in the logs that it is performing I’m back when I arrive. It changes my mode to home like it should but somehow it turns off the lights outside. I have rechecked all routines and nothing shows to turn off the light. I’ve also checked my smartlighting smart apps and nothing is showing to turn off lights.
Any ideas?

Another place to check, open one of the devices in the ST Classic app and click on the smartapps tab in the upper menu. From there, you can see every smartapp, routine or webcore piston that device is linked to. You can then click on each to open and hopefully figure out where the light is being turned off.

Also, you mentioned they are hue lights.if they are connected to a hue bridge, open your hue app and check to see if, by chance, you have any rules in it.