NEO COOLCAM Zwave devices in SmartThings? (EU) - Working like Magic

Hello Team,

Well, I would like to know if any one of you work with Neo CoolCam devices integrated into SmartThings Hub? In fact, I have browsed the smartthings official web site --> “Work with Smartthings” section and found that under the brand “Neo Coolcam” was listed as supported following devices.

  1. Neo Coolcam Door Windows Sensor and supported model “Model
    Number: NAS-DS02ZU” with Z-wave
  2. Neo Coolcam Z-Wave Siren and supported model “Model Number: NAS-
    AB02ZU” with Z-wave

Any one is having idea following Z-wave devices could integrate or support to SmartThings Hub?

  1. NAS-PD07Z(868.42MHz) 4 in 1 Sensor
  2. NAS-WR03Z(868.42MHz) UK standard smart plug
  3. NAS-AB03Z(868.42MHz) Siren Alarm
  4. NAS-WS07Z(868.42MHz) Water Leakage sensor
  5. NAS-SC01Z-3(868.42MHz)3 gangs intelligent light switch(S2)
  6. NAS-SC01Z-2(868.42MHz) 2 gangs intelligent light switch
  7. NAS-SC01Z-1(868.42MHz)1 gang intelligent light switch
  8. NAS-RC03Z(868.42MHz)/ Scene control button with 4 button
  9. NAS-RC01Z(868.42MHz)/ SOS /Panic button

In the ST Hub App, showing many devices can i but I am not sure, is that true or not. Could someone advise me?

I have a neo coolcam plug (UK) it works straight out of the box and is one of the cheapest z wave smart plugs and possibly the smallest aswell.


Hello Adam,

Thanks for the reply. Is that the slimier model of “(NAS-WR03Z(868.42MHz) UK standard smart plug)” or do you use different model? Could you please share the model number if possible?

Sorry I don’t have the exact model number but this is the one I bought.

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Thanks a lot Adam and at least I am sure one device is working.

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Hi All,

I am happy to inform you that below NEO CoolCam Devices I have tested today. Working and compatible with SmartThings Hub 3. This is really great news and I would like to share with you guys.

NAS-DS01Z, (868.42MHz) Door/Contact Sensor
NAS-PD03Z, (868.42MHz) 3 in 1 sensor(Motion, light and temperature sensor)
NAS-WS03Z, (868.42MHz) Water leakage sensor
NAS-AB03Z, (868.42MHz) Siren alarm
NAS-WR03Z, (868.42MHz) UK standard smart plug
NAS-SC01Z-1, (868.42MHz) 1 gang intelligent light switch
NAS-SC01Z-2, (868.42MHz) 2 gangs intelligent light switch



Did you install any special handlers or it worked straight out of box.
i have 2 gang switches and one channel isn’t working in new ST app.

Hello Ozren,

There is no handler at all and it was 100% detected by ST z wave and it is working as expected. Does your ST support 868.42MHz?

Hi guys, do you have any Device Handler for this device " NAS-SC01Z-3(868.42MHz)3 gangs intelligent light switch(S2)"?, What about the Device Handlers for American frecuencies?

Thanks in advance

NAS-PD07Z (868.42MHz) 4 in 1 Sensor - Working
IMPORTANT - Change Device Type in Groovy to Zooz 4-in-1 sensor, for full functionality.