Neo Power plug works well?

(Giuseppe Fornaro) #1

Hello guys! I’m waiting for the hub to arrive! I would like to take this plug! Neo coolman power plug
Do they work?

Not sure what I need (UK)

If you mean the Neo Coolcam zwave Device, it should work fine with SmartThings for basic on/off capability.

(Giuseppe Fornaro) #3

Does not monitor consumption?


You may need custom code for any advanced features like energy monitoring.

(Giuseppe Fornaro) #5

Excuse my ignorance! But what codes do you talk about? Is it planned?


I’m sorry, it’s a very good question, but I am not feeling well today and I am not going to be able to explain. Hopefully someone else can introduce you to this aspect of the SmartThings platform. I’m going to tag a few Community members who are very good at this kind of explanation and hopefully one of them or another community member will be able to help.

@tgauchat @RobinWinbourne @marktheknife

(Giuseppe Fornaro) #7

Thanks for your kindness! I’m new and I know little about your stuff! Even there my English is not the best! I hope you’ll be back soon!

(Mark) #8

Hiya, take a look at the link below to the community supported wiki. Basically, SmartThings can support some z-wave and zigbee devices out of the box. But sometimes certain advanced features require a customized version of their default device handlers; in other cases a custom device handler is necessary to get a device to function at all.

It’s not all that hard to setup these custom device handlers. I have no coding experience whatsoever, I’m just good at following instructions :grin:

(Giuseppe Fornaro) #9

But I do everything from smartphone application?

(Mark) #10

Nope, there’s a back end to login to your hub that’s accessible via a web browser.

See this post:

(Hannes Tilk) #11

Hi, change the type of it to “Z-Wave Metering Switch” and it will show connected power and consumption.

(Ben Erkens ) #13

(Ben Erkens ) #14

I just found the “Better Laundry Monitor”.

That works with the Neo CoolCam power plug.

A message when after a period of time the power consumption is almost zero (adjustable).