NEMA 5-20p Outlet

Hello All,

As my first post I have a question that I spent the last few weeks trawling the internet for - and have yet to find a solution for.

I am looking for an intelligent NEMA 5-20p or NEMA 6-20 outlet (also called a dryer outlet) to support heavier draw appliances. This is for my AC units (204v with max 20amps) - so that i can create a smartphone based thermostat (think IFTTT to create NEST like functionality)

Any ideas? I am hitting a stone wall online…

…I even considered the unthinkable: 220v WeMo plug with EU to NEMA1 adapter daisy-chained to NEMA 1 to 5-20p adapter…


This can handle 25A inductive load:

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