220v Dryer suggestions. Using Aeotec HEM?

I’ve been searching the web for over 3 hours and can’t seem to find any real answers to these questions.

It looks like the Aeotec HEM v2 or v5 looks like the best option for monitoring the dryer. Can I just separate the end opposite the plug to get the clamp on one of the wires, Which wire would I need to put it on? House built in 83. Can’t tell you the amount of prongs it has because I’m out of town.

Just found out the newest ST outlet is 15 amps (talked to someone in customer service that read it right off the Thing). I think that should be good enough for the washer. I wanted a Zigbee repeater in that area of the house as well.

So, any input about this?

I was hoping those clamps went over the whole cable but I guess not :frowning:

yup, that’s what I did. Basically loop it around one of the hot wires right by the lug on the dryer. On my dryer it seemed like one hot was for the heating element and one was for the drum motor and everything else. Since the heating element cycles on and off to maintain heat, i had to put the clamp on the other one.

I can’t tell you how much I hate being even close to those wires. I’ve done all my smart-home switches for years been zapped a couple times. I don’t even like unplugging those things.

What about the washer? That 15A ST outlet good enough for a washer? Most washing circuits max the breaker at 15A and I read that most washers actually use 10A.

Does anyone happen to know of a URL for a single clamp Aeotec HEM? I only saw one on YouTube. No link :frowning:

Are you in the US or the UK?

UK dryers often use only 10A , But US models are typically spec’d much higher, usually 30 A and up unless it is a European style and plugs into a 120 V circuit.

Sorry, forgot to add that. US.

I’m actually using one Aeon HEM v1 for both the washer and dryer. One clamp on each. And this device handler. Not sure if it works with v2 HEM and above, though.

Did you have to separate the cable?

Yeah. I bought a 1 ft extension cord and carefully separate the hot strand just enough to get the clamp around.

What’s the brand and model of the washer?

I believe they are LG.

Model number? It’s typically on a label just inside the door if it’s not visible on the outside.

I’m several thousands of miles away from it right now. Are you trying to imply washer and dryer might already have something to interface with the ST hub?

No, I was more trying to check the specs to see if it would be safe to run on the smart plug.

I’m running an Aeon V1 monitor using a customized DTH that provides separate monitoring for each clamp (based on Mike Maxwell’s DTH posted above). I use it to monitor both my washer and dryer (gas).

If you do go the way of using an Aeon dual clamp monitor, it’s easy to add a short heavy duty extension cord (up to 15 amps, 1875 watts on the one I’m using) to enable attaching a clamp to the extension cord to monitor power.

I used a sensor to identify the hot side on the extension cord when it was plugged in, and then unplugged it and carefully created about an 8" split in a section of the extension cord w/a box cutter, separating the hot side. I was careful and didn’t expose any wire, but I still extensively wrapped the resulting two sections of cord w/electrical tape. I then attached one of the Aeon clamps to the now available hot side wire and monitor to determine when the dryer (and same setup on my washer) starts and ends.

I do similar but put just one of the two clamps on one of the 30 am circuits in the box and use this to monitor the dryer… I was using a custom version of the dryer done etc smartapp, with vibration sensors, but the new dryer doesn’t vibrate enough. Go Figure… I am not concerted about power usage so only did one clamp, as both did not fit easily in the fuse box.

I use the v1 aeon as it is now really really cheap on amazon, see below.

As for the app, I am still using my own version of rule Machine but you could do the same with core or webcore…
I did the following

created a virtual switch,
set a rule when monitoring goes over 50 watts (it reads around 450 when dryer one and 6-9 when idle). Not 0 unfortuantely.

rule 1, turn switch on when power usage is triggered over 50 watts.

rule 2, turn switch off when power usage triger falls below 10 watts and the switch is on,
also send message to me that dryer is done, and turn on one of my hue lights…

Hope this helpls someone.

For washer I still use vibration sensor and the wash done smartapp as it DOES vibrate enought…

Here is the cheap price for the aeon sensors

man i looked everywhere for this style extension cord when i posted earlier. Saved it in Amazon for the future.

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Thank you very much for your suggestions, everyone.

I hope this thread will come in handy for someone else. I was getting a little miffed about so little information about this sensor.

I will be doing the extension cord idea with the cord suggested, using both probes of the Aeotec HEM. I’ll just plug the ST outlet adapter in somewhere else in the garage,

(Washer and dryer are in the garage)

What do you use to cut that cable down the thirds, safely?

remember the extension cord only works if dryer is gas, electric has custom tail… Itis not hard to put each probe around one of the leads to your circuit breaker in box…

The extension cord is for the washer

i get that but what i was trying to say and failing if the dryer is not gas but electric you will still either need to put the other probe (ie both) in the fuse box anyway or take apart the pigtail to the dryer and put it there,

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