20 Amp Plug-In Options?

So I am about to buy my v2 hub, but I have been struggling to find any compatible 20 Amp Plug-In outlet for the old school AC unit in my apartment. The issue is, the units are inside the apartment, not window units, and they are on/off only. There’s a button on top and a dial for temp, but no way of setting a timer. My first thought was to plug it into a smart plug, and be able to set timers and also turn it on when I am on my way home. However, they do not seem to exist? This is an apartment, so I can’t replace the wall outlet. It’s also not my AC, so I can’t rewire the thing. What other options do I have?

Correct, there is no plug-in outlet (“pocket socket”) for 20A.

There are a couple of other options, but they do all require wiring.

There is a Wi-Fi device that is made specifically for this purpose, controlling 20 amp air-conditioners. About seven or eight years ago some utility companies were giving them out for free if you gave them permission to turn your window air conditioner off during brownouts. The company is ThinkEco and if you buy yourself the cost is about $130.

The problem is it’s pretty old technology and the ratings have always been right around three stars on Amazon. It’s nobody’s favorite choice. And as far as I know there’s no integration with SmartThings. And you have to have a laptop running to host the app.

But it is a plug-in with remote access and it might be worth looking at.

I don’t think this guy is going to be an option. So what else can i do? I feel like adapters would blow something up right? Have you heard of any company that is planning on doing a 20A plugin?

No, and I’d have to say that since they don’t exist now, they aren’t likely to. There are replacement receptacles which are pretty easy to wire, so you might see if you can get the landlord’s permission to do that. Maybe put in by an electrician of their choice.