NEEO remote kickstarter

Thought this might warrant it’s own thread.
A very possible alternative to the cranky Harmony remotes.
They’ve already gotten 10X their initial goal.

This device would make a fantastic front end for ST.
I’ve backed it, even if they only deliver 50% of claimed functionality, it would still be better than my ultimate.

@Mike_Maxwell how does kick starters work? Typically how much has to one invest? Sorry for being dumb.

You pay and pray… You get rewards depending on what you contribute. I went in for $200 and change, should get me one remote and one hub in black.

Fair warning. Lookup Goldee hue remote.

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Looks cool, and I can’t tell you how badly Logitech needs competition. I tried so hard to look at alternatives and my requirements were: 1) must have physical remote 2) must have smartphone app and I couldn’t find ANYONE but Logitech. I will warn you about kickstarters, they typically fall way behind their deadlines, so who knows when this will come to market.

Yea, I get the risk… However I’m so tired of Harmony’s slow IR response, flakey software, limited customization, Yada, yada, Yada…


I backed this as well. I have backed quite a few kickstarters and so far they have all delivered albeit sometimes at a delayed timeline. But with these sorts of things you have to take @Mike_Maxwell advice and “Pay and Pray”. Love it as it is so true!! Fingers crossed I continue to be lucky.

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Wish I could back…: :frowning:

You still can, there’s 18 days left

I think Ron’s already spent his allowance for the month!

@Mike_Maxwell @copyninja
:slight_smile: forget for the month… More like the year, will complete first year of first time home ownership next week… 20K for a new roof (emergency)… Still paying for my heart surgery from last year., have another blockage… and will be hitting 40 this year… Huh…, chronic pancreatitis, depression, anxiety… Honestly you guys and this community keeps me going… As I have stated so many times. Keeps my mind off and something to look forward to… :slight_smile:

First home eh?, Nice!
Get your tax return filed, one of the few decent things left regarding home ownership is the freaking mortgage interest deduction…

Then get your 2015 wish list ready, You’ll have a buck or two kicking about.

Best of wishes with your health man… No fun…!

thx. 20.5 characters

This remote has me seriously tempted. Zwave and Zigbee built in? Sounds like something SmartThings could integrate in with. Trigger a theatre mode, and it turn on my tv, xbox one, etc. And I have a GF that would love this, as she has a degree in Industrial Design—the look, style, functionality would make her happy.

Hmm… Now to talk to her about it… as she is more or less my WAF, and so far very open about my toys. :slight_smile:

I showed a picture of the NEEO to the wife last evening, she loves it! Now that there’s a replacement on the horizon, her true feelings about the Ultimate are revealed…
She didn’t want to tell me how much she hated the dang thing for fear of hurting my feelings…

BTW, if they get to 1M they have committed to a published API with the initial release, good stuff.

@Mike_Maxwell : Awesome!

I must admit, I spoke to my GF. She likes the concept, but much like the Ubi, she is hesitant. The Ubi is plugged in doing nothing for us, because it really doesn’t meet expectations by 30%… And she is asking me to do more research before committing on the NEEO.

Lots of questions came up:

  1. How old is this “company”
  2. Why do they need kickstarter, if they did so much without it?
  3. Will we see any SmartThings integration?
  4. How do they think they can connect to so many devices, when SmartThings cant? (okay, I am poking at SmartThings a little there).
  5. Are some of the staff/team members known for anything else? Or have they failed at something in the past?

shrug.,… I am following the kickstarter campaign waiting to see what we learn… about 2 weeks left!

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I can’t answer most of these, the founder did a stint at B&O, which explains much of the industrial design concepts.
Why did smartThings need a kickstarter?, and ST asked for 4 times more than these guys did.
ST integration on their side has been brought up, but with an API though one of us could write the integration, not worried about that.
Aside from Bluetooth which is in V2, the only real difference being they’ve included IR capabilities.
For me even if initially the only thing I do with it is IR to replace my Harmonys I’d be happy.

Linkedin profile:

Yeah, I may just buy in for a buck, and ask a few questions. I am more interested in the people behind it…

$936K to date… Yea, folks hate Harmony that much.