NEEO remote kickstarter

Yep, and its the neeo, if it provides half what they say, will be cheaper, and still better.

I just replaced my 900 and One with an Ultimate and Touch (swollen, stuck batteries). Not a fan. The ergonomics are fundamentally flawed, and the programmability had taken a step back. Some things got better, but it’s still a net negative. I hope this product makes an impact, the market could use some competition.

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I am now an official backer of the NEEO KICKSTARTER and went for the White Rabbit… :smile:

First time ever!

Ouch! Sorry for being dumb but what does that mean? It says delivery somewhere around May? Darn, I needed that money! :frowning:

The delivery isn’t 100% guaranteed. If you’re really after the gadget, but not really into the investment, you’re better off waiting till the business is established.

I got 4 out of 5 delivered on time on Kickstarter so far. Backed 9 projects on Kickstarter and 5 on Indiegogo in total.

I readily agree I may have made a mistake (lately have been making too many and gone wild) and have to see now now how to unpledge! :frowning:

Thanks a lot, I just cancelled. Oops!

Seriously dude?
The intent of this thread was to raise community awareness regarding a device several members found interesting.
Personally I’m not interested in a crowd funding success/failure probability analysis.

Yup… I understand your point; sorry this tangent took up too much of the thread, I clear some out.

But I’ve seen far too many people lose a lot of money on KS and IGG, so I really feel it’s important to share that fact with the Community.

Sincerely hope this project works out well for the Backers and us all wanting great remotes… Good trend.

Happy Super Bowl day.
… Terry.

Apology accepted, and I agree on awareness. Feel free to create a crowd funding awareness thread, and link it to this one.

Go Hawks!

@tgauchat @Mike_Maxwell

What I did yesterday was totally on an impulse even though I didn’t have the means. And was also having the buyers remorse. I really hope that this remote succeeds and we have a better option than harmony.

Thanks to you both.

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After looking at it a bit more, I’ll be passing on it due the limited number of physical buttons. A lot can be done with remapping, but only if you have enough buttons.

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It looks like you cleared them all out which is a pitty because they contained some valid comments.

I think that a company has some considerable benefits besides raising money. Especially when the campaign is successful it is great marketing. Also, it helps the company to create a enthusiastic community.

I did go for the NEEO. One thing everybody should be aware of is that it currently cannot function as a secondary zwave controller. It would be great to use the NEEO as a secondary controller with the SmartThings hub.


My biggest desires of the remote:

  1. Switch between inputs
  2. SmartThings integration
  3. Auto-turn on various devices (Xbox One, PS3, TV)
  4. Control my Windows Media Center. (Yeah I would use XBMC, but I use a Digital Tuner, and cant use XBMC to watch TV due to encryption).

Well, I decided to take the jump, and I am eager to see the result when compared to the Harmony Home POS Remote/Hub I returned.

I have had good luck with KS products in the past, and I hope to have the same experience with this. If it doesn’t pan out, then it is what it is.

I did this because it seems like a very solid product, that is open, and seems to blow the socks off the Harmony line of products. A lot of the desires that many of you want seems to be addressed by the product, less the ST integration.

For starters, please read the great news they just released to their backers. They seem to be on the right track so far.

Oh for those who are Naysayers on KS products, please review the following link:

These guys have raised more money than our friendly old ST team, and with less publicity. To each is own.

"Posted by NEEO Inc.

Dear backers,

There is now less than a day to go in our kickstarter campaign and we would like to use this opportunity to once again thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your great support. We never ever expected a result like this, we’re still happily baffled and looking forward to the future more than ever!

Surprise, surprise!
To thank you for your continued support over the past few weeks, we would like to announce the following integrations to our great community:

Kodi (formerly XBMC) and PLEX using their native APIs. Many of you had asked for it and we already put it on the roadmap. We are now making this a top priority!

Open source solution for device integration. We will provide source code on Github to allow the creators amongst you to build their own 2-way device integrations using HTTP/REST APIs.

Thanks again for your support, you guys rock - really hard!

The NEEO team"

Best of luck… to them and you. Honestly – This is a great product proposal and if Crowdfunding is what’s needed to bring it to market, then that + luck is what it will take…

I have a contrarian point, however, to your assertion that their $1.5+ million will ensure the NEEO’s success:

SmartThings has now received around $200 million (via Samsung purchase); and a browse around the Forums clearly indicates that even 100 times the money (and 2+ years) does not remove the challenges of tech gadget development and refinement.

By promising to adding Kodi and PLEX support to the NEEO Project, it’s Creators are voluntarily making their job harder and lowering their likelihood of success. The rule is: UNDER-promise and OVER-deliver. Every Kickstarter, ST included, does the opposite. Many ST promised features were not delivered upon initial shipments, even when those shipments were behind the projected dates.

And, yes, I do rather like to gloat about my powers of observation on the probability of KS/IGG Project Failures:

They are estimating March 2015 delivery of 150 units (seriously??!), so it won’t take long for them to start falling behind. It will only get worse after that, IMHO. But whatever… It’s your money.

And the estimated far-end date is May 2015 to cover all 6000+ backers. I wish there would be a market to short-sell these Kickstarter companies…

The nice thing is that we will know soon rather than in a year’s time.

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Yup, that is correct, and we’re all adults here!
But thanks for watching out for us Dad…

No, seriously, I appreciate all your positive support…

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11 minutes to go and I’m on the fence! 1 Black Cat available…

I don’t think it’s right for me because of the lack of physical buttons, but I hope it’s a success and this company can do good things in the space. Maybe v2 will be right for me!

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All the more reason to do it… no limitations, firmware update or simply configure the way you want it…