Need to edit the Garage Opener App

(Longhorn84) #1

I am using a zwave Relay for my Gate but I need the sensor to be set to open/close, not orientation (as it is in the native garage app).

Seems like an easy toggle to code but I know the squeaky wheel gets the grease and I’m probably in the minority in my application. However, my need remains. Anyone know where I can get the code for the garage opener so I can edit the sensor type?

(Kent) #2

Create a new app in the Smartthings IDE, when you are in the code area look top right on the web page for “Browse Smartapps” about mid way down is “Garage door opener” and “Garage door monitor”. Click on either of them to see the code then click the big red “Overwrite” button on the button right to insert all that code into your new device.

Update it with whatever you need and publish it for yourself to use it.

(Longhorn84) #3

Thanks! Those two actually don’t do what I want but I realized that the old “Ridiculously Automated Garage Door” app still uses the open/close type sensor so I just used that. Thanks for the suggestion though!