Reverse SmartSense Open/Close Sensor

Only way I found to physically install the sensor on the garage door was to mount it where the contacts meet when the door is OPEN and separate when the door is CLOSED.

Smart things is set up for the opposite. Is there a way to have SmartThings flip the Open/Close attributes?


Are you using the SmartSense Open/Close Sensor or the SmartSense Multi?


The most “complete” way is to modify the SmartDevice Type Handler, that way any attached SmartApp will be convinced open = closed, and closed = open. Rather trivial change to the Device Handler, but you need to use the IDE/API to attach it to your Thing. Knowing which Device Type you are using is helpful.

If you only use one SmartApp, you could just put the code switch there, or change the user Preference to allow selection of “closed” vs “open”.

For a garage door, though, it is preferable to use a Tilt Sensor (such as the SmartSense Multi … or this much cheaper one below). You can place such sensors in such a way that it is “open” when the garage door has even opened a tiny crack.

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Gotta take issue on the tilt sensor as the “be all end all”, $25 cheep arse monoprice in the correct location does the same thing. With the ability to use an external reed switch should space constraints not allow for mounting such as I did.

Monoprice next to an external reed switch…

@nl156503 I’ve modified the SmartSense device handler here for you to act in reverse. You can add this using the IDE and then change your current instance of the device to this one and it should work.

Let me know if you need help. If you are using one of the SmartSense multi’s then you can use the tilt function out of the box.

Keep in mind using it this way may not get results you want as it will only show as opened when it is 100% opened. Using a tilt sensor will sense as soon as it goes a few degrees off angle so it will report an opened garage door sooner, or using any open/close sensor as usual will guarantee an open event almost immediately.

Sure … though the Ecolink Z-Wave Tilt Sensor is often under $30 too. It only requires attaching 1 thing (to the door), rather than two for a reed contact switch (i.e., door magnet + sensor).

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Monoprice has a No Logo tilt sensor which is only $24 :slight_smile: I think it’s a rebranded ecolink as well…

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Yup… that’s the same one. I lean towards Amazon for their excellent customer service.


You’ll find on this very basic Tilt Sensor you can adjust the sensitivity by attaching to your door at partial angle, and bending the ball-bearing tube just a bit.

I just got an Ecolink Tilt Sensor and was going to put this into my mailbox for an open/close sensor. After installing it into ST it shows the Device Type as "Z-Wave Plus Door/Window Sensor."
I’ve seen posts on here about people saying the same thing that this being used for a garage door has the orientation upside down compared to using it as a open/close sensor on a mailbox door.
I saw above that @huydnguyen posted a custom device handler that reverses the open/close code for a SmartSense device and I was wondering if anyone currently has reverse code for a "Z-Wave Plus Door/Window Sensor they could share or if someone could create it?

Thanks in advance.

Nevermind. I figured it out.

Can you share how?

Pretty sure I followed this from @huydnguyen and went into the IDE and went into My Devices and found the tilt sensor and edited it and changed it from Z-Wave Plus Door/Window Sensor to SmartSense Open/Closed Sensor. Although I got it working my mailbox is metal and the signal wouldn’t travel far enough for me. Hope this helps.