Multisense on garage door

Whatever happened to the smart app (that I used for over a year) that would use the multisense and tell me if the garage door was open. I’d love to get that back somehow. No magnet needed, it just went by whether it was vertical or horizontal. And I got the notification. Is it in the apps and I’m just missing it?

If you just switched over to v2 and re-paired your multi, it is probably defined as the Smart Sense Multi device type. You can change that in the IDE to SmartSense Garage Door Multi, and it will go back to showing you open/closed based on orientation instead of the contact sensor.

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It is defined as the smart sense multi. Where is the IDE to change it to smart sense garage door multi?

On the top level page of the forums (the Community link) you should see a link for “Developer Tools” over on the right side. Follow that, sign in or create an account, then go to My Devices. You should see it there and be able to change the device type.

Ok, I found that and it now shows open and closed. Thank you! Now the next thing, how do I add the notify me to that sensor. If the garage door goes up or is open for more than 30 minutes, I want a notification. All I see is no smart apps installed and no way to add it.

I got cute and changed my relay to ‘z wave garage door opener’ I need to change it back so it works again.

To get notified if open for 30 min, use custom Smart Home Monitor instance. See screenshot here:

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