Gate Opener

I have both my garage and gate hooked up to zwave relays to automatically open them. There is a cool garage door opener app but it makes the multi sensor into a vertical vs horizontal sensor vs a traditional open/close sensor. This works great for a garage but for my gate I need the garage door opener app with the traditional open/close sensor functionality. Any ideas on how to hack the garage door app to make revert the multi back to a traditional setup?

I think if you flip the Accelerometer’s direction vector it will work in the horizontal as a horizontal open sensor. If it is currently in YZ (as in XYZ), flip it to XY.

@Urman, who is the trig guru for the accelerometers? What do the vectors represent? IJK? XYZ?


Doesn’t look like that will work because as the gate swings open it doesn’t ever change the orientation of the sensor, it just rotates it which doesn’t trigger anything but the acceleration trigger. I just need to edit the code of the garage app to use the contact sensor…I think.