Motion sensor recommendations under £35? (UK)

I know there’s likely plenty of these posts but here goes.

I love the Aeotec motion sensors in my setup because I find them so reliable. However, they are pretty pricey these days at £35 for one. Im looking at needing 3 and was hoping for some recommendations of others maybe a little cheaper. Based in the UK. If not I’ll pay the price of the Aeotec ones for reliability but with so many to chose from maybe there’s others I don’t already know about slightly cheaper.


THIRDREALITY Zigbee Motion Sensor £20.00

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SONOFF SNZB-03 ZigBee Motion Sensor

11.99 amazon 18.99 for 2

9.11 ebay (each, for 3) - but from China

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These from Tuya are of course from China, compact and amazingly cheap but there are more than one on this community that have found them both effective and reliable.

Tuya Zigbee PIR Motion Sensor Human Body Movement Wireless Infrared Detector

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Thank you all. Lots of options it seems.

Wow these are really cheap. I assume these work ok with ST? Do I need a custom edge driver for them to work yeah?


The Zigbee Motion Sensor Mc driver from @Mariano_Colmenarejo 's channel. Take a look around on Aliexpres as there are different prices.

Just be careful with cheaper sensors and first buy one of those to see how it works. I tried some SmartLife (Tuya) sensors and they´re utter rubbish so in the end I had to replace them with Aeotec/Hue sensors which work 100% as expected with much better range.

Sorry to hear you had a bad experience with this make. I’ve used this model, which I pointed out to the OP, and they’ve given me good results for well over a year now.

The sensitivity range is limited, but the device is discreet and compact, so it’s a case as you suggest, of trying to see if it fits in with the user’s needs.
Obviously I wouldn’t recommend an article without first trying it.

These are the ones I´m using. It´s branded as Nedis SmartLife but basically it´s Tuya. I have one older one which works okayish in my dressing room but in later models they´ve done some internal changes and they are just rubbish. I´m not sure if they work any better with Tuya or Nedis app but I can´t recommend using them straight with ST.

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How about the new IKEA Vallhorn for £7?

Reportedly works in ST with Mariano’s drivers

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I have also had good luck with these Tuya motion sensors. I have used them to replace Ikea and Iris motion sensors that were giving me many false alerts.

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Nice. Never seen these before. Will check them out.

I like the Aeotec ones as they double up as a temperature sensor as well. Would be perfect if they could be hard wired in and not just run on battery.

If anyone can recommend another combined motion and temp sensor that can be hard wired and works with smart things then let me know :+1::smiling_face:

If you like the Aeotec Sensors, their multi models six and seven both have the option to use USB power.

But those typically sell for 50 pounds, so out of range for this thread’s topic

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Sonoff or Tuya would be my bet as I have around 15 of them (more of Sonoff and less of Tuya) and they have worked very well for the past 2 years.

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