Hue vs smartthings motion sensor

Hey guys new to the forum and had a question about motion sensors. I am looking into getting possibly a hue and ST sensor for my closet and bedroom. The closet would have the casual in and out traffic. I was thinking of getting a hue senor for it. However, I am curious about the bedroom. My wife and I have different sleeping and wake up schedules and I was looking into getting a hue strip for under the bed and place a ST sensor in the bedroom. What are y’alls opinions about the two devices?


I’d go with Iris motion sensors. They have been reliable and quick to respond for me and many others.


I use a motion sensor for the bedroom but use a door sensor for the master bedroom walk in closet. The door sensor is usually faster than the motion sensor, at least in my system.


You make a good point, and I’d probably at least use a zigbee sensor. I’m using zwave contact sensors on a closet and pantry door and do notice a longer delay versus my zigbee contact sensors. For the contact sensor I would recommend the Visonic contact sensors sold at, they are inexpensive and have native integration with ST.

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I’ve actually not had a problem with the speed of the zwave window/door switches. I have 14 of the zwave Go-Control/Linear switches. I have found that it does take a little longer for the PIR motion sensors to show movement in a room vs. sensing a door opening or closing.

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Awesome! I’ll check out the Iris motion sensor online.