Need help with plantlink and water vavle

(Alex K ) #1

Hello. I’m trying to figure out how to water my plants automatically and can’t seem to figure it out :slightly_smiling:

Here is what I have:
Outdoor raised bed garden
plantlink sensors
Zooz zwave valve connected to my outoor faucet.
I’m not using any irrigation controllers nor do i have any irrigation valves.

I’m going to use drip irrigation and connected via a hose running from the faucet to garden bed.
My goal is the following:
Once planlink sensors in the garden go into Need water state, I want to open my zooz valve and get the water going to the garden. Once sensors determine there is enough water, send a command to close the valve.

Any ideas how to accomplish this? I can’t seem to find any app that does it and doesn’t look like Rule machine supports plantlink sensors

Thank you in advance

Rule Machine Feature Requests
(Megan) #2

You need rule machine

(Alex K ) #3

I have it installed but couldn’t figure out how to set this up

(sidjohn1) #4

Read this thread:

(Megan) #5

I have plantlink installed and Rule machine. I thought this was something rule machine could do, but though the advanced rule bit. Might get time to work on it this weekend and I will let you know.

(Alex K ) #6

I didn’t venture into advanced rules yet. Was trying with a simple one. Rule machine doesn’t see plantlink as a water sensor

(Megan) #7

Right, that is why I was thinking it could/would be done in advanced.

(sidjohn1) #8

That’s because you’re using the wrong device handler to do what you want. With Kristopher Kubicki’s device handler… Yes, it is possible. With OSO’s device handler, no.

(Alex K ) #9

Ah got it. Yep I was using original plantlink device type. Will try changing it. OSO is pretty useless now as it doesn’t work correctly anyway