PlantLink - general Q&A

There are several random topics for PlantLink SmartApps and DeviceTypes, thought I would start a general Q&A discussion…

How are these sensors holding up outside? Corrosion? Battery life okay?

I have all Zwave so far, are these Zwave or Zigbee or ???

They have a (solar?) water valve on their site, does it work with SmartThings?

I can’t seem to find the sensors at my usual stores (don’t need the base from what I understand). It looks like a new version might be coming out based on the pictures on their site; anyone heard timing, new features?



The valve is part of the second generation Lush line. Not out yet.

The lush line was originally announced for a June 2016 release, it’s obviously late, but still “coming soon.”

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I have one sensor outside for a geranium, about 30 feet from my V1 ST’s hub. Original battery for about 6 months. On occasion it can’t connect, but does later in the day.

If I get an email (9am) that it’s dry, I know to water it plus my other potted plants in my hot backyard.

In fact I got that email this morning, so I better go water those plants before I take my nap.:sleeping:

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