[OBSOLETE] PlantLink Monitor 2.0 Released

Monitors your Plantlinks via the default PlantLink Devicetype, and sends notifacations when your plants need water. This app is not compatible with Kristopher Kubicki’s plantlink-direct devicetype.

App and readme: GitHub - sidjohn1/smartthings: A collection of smart apps for smartthings
Raw Code: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/sidjohn1/smartthings/master/PlantLinkMonitor2.groovy
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Support for this app is by donation only:

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Thank you for your support, It means a lot to me!


Thanks, I found this super helpful! Just PayPalled you a bit of beer money.

Actually, I can’t get this app to work. Checking the logs, I get “Error checking status” instead of the status of my plantlink…

Any ideas?

I’d double check your devicetype,

If it looks different in any way, it s the wrong devicetype.

If this is good, then uninstall the app, open live logging and reinstall the app. Then PM me the errors.