Is possible use MyplantLink to control Switch?

I have using SmartThings for a year and very happy with it.
Currently, I have bought a sensor of
I have an idea to use the sensor to watering my plants.

I integrated the Link sensor to ST hub -> then when soil too dry -> turn on a Switch pump via SmartApp

Is possible ?

Yes, I’m testing a solution now…

thank you @sidjohn1 I have look around SmartApp but don’t see feature I need.
I also get this notice even connected to Planlink sensor :
"Please install smartapp required plantlink connector"

Thats normal

I’m not working on a smart app, just updating the device handler to report wet and dry properly as well as battery life. If you already have have rule machine, obyrules, simplerulebuilder it will be able to be used by them or another smartapp that monitors water detection.

Do you use it for automatic watering ? I mean I will setup a switch will auto turn on when Water status is: Dry or Need water … Doesn’t need manual turn on switch after notification. Is possible ?



These apps can do that and more

Thank you very much, I will try.

any idea if this is going to work with the new ones they have coming out?

Any insight on the valve they have coming out as well?

There’s no need for any specific zwave valve. I just connected an inexpensive 110v solenoid valve up to an outdoor spigot and connected its power to a GE outdoor zwave switch. I have the garden hose connected to an irrigation slow drip hose that I’m running through the vegetable garden, but you could have it connected to a sprinkler if you wanted.
There is no need to buy any expensive zwave irrigation systems unless you want to do some sort of zonal watering control, but I suspect that could be done on the cheap with a scaled up rig like mine.