Need help with Osram A19 Soft White Light

(Eric Womack) #1

I woke up yesterday and found all 6 of my Osram A19 Soft White Lights were listed as unavailable on the ST app. I tried manually turning a few of the lights on and off with the wall switch and didn’t have success with reconnection. I then proceeded with a power cycle of the hub, Samsung Home Connect Pro, and still didn’t have success reconnecting. I then deleted the light bulbs from the ST app. I attempted a reset of the bulbs, on 3 sec and off 3 sec for a total of 5 cycles. The light flashed 3 times to signify a successful reset. I then proceeded with trying to reconnect the bulb to my ST hub, but still didn’t have success. The most recent attempt I made was to unplug my hub for at least an hour, but still no success at reconnecting. Any ideas that would help would be greatly appreciated.

(Jimmy) #2

How far from the hub are they? Have you emailed support so they can look at logs on the back end?

(Eric Womack) #3

The closest bulb is about 10 feet and the farthest is about 40 feet away from the hub. I emailed support this morning, but haven’t had a response yet. Hopefully will get a response from them soon.

(Eric Womack) #4

Sorry that it has taken me so long to respond to this, I talked with a SmartThings rep and was unable to get it working immediately. During the process of discussions over a few days, there was a SmartThings update that was pushed and the push did something. Shortly after the update I was able to communicate with the bulbs again.