Wifi plug recommendations?

I am seeing a ton of inexpensive wifi plugs on Amazon that integrate with Google Home and Alexa.

But I don’t see any specifically with Smartthings support.

Wondering if anyone knows of some that would be worth buying?

ST finds my Wemo switches with no problems.

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There is also a community device handler for TP Link Smart Plugs 100 and 110.

I concur on the Wemo Smart plugs.

I have many of the Wemo Mini and Insight Smart plugs and have never experienced any issues, either on their own or with SmartThings from connectivity to functionality.

The only ones that have official integrations with SmartThings are wemo and ihome, but neither of those are particularly cheap.




As others have mentioned, there are some community integrations for some of the others. Check the quick browse lists in the community – created wiki, look under The device type handler section , and then look on the list for “pocket socket.”


Also, any device which has an IFTTT channel on the free IFTTT service can get at least partial integration with smartthings that way, but it may not cover all features and it may not be a two-way integration.

I have a few of the TP-Link HS100/HS105 and using the custom smartapp/handler they work well with SmartThings and Alexa.

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Wemo wifi plugs work great I have wemo switches, maker, and energy monitoring plug and they still work when ST is down. They are on sale right now.

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I went this route as it was pretty easy to do and cheap. About $8 to $9 total, plus it’s open WiFi and not locked to anyone’s cloud. And yes, earth ground is connected.


Check these out http://www.amazon.com/dp/B079Q5W22B/?tag=ss-12302-20

So the issue I have with any of these sorts of devices is that they require some app to setup up. Usually these smaller companies don’t invest much in the app development and they may not continue to support them.

Just sayin’

Hello, could you pls send a link for the custom smarapp/handler that you are using? Thank you so much!