Need help with adding a Virtual Switch to control a RGBW LED Strip

(Jason Burt) #1

I purchased a LEDENET UFO WiFi Controller to control a strip of RGBW LED lights. After searching for possible ST integration methods, I found a git hub repo for a guy that created a virtual device within ST to control this WiFi controller. The problem is that within the code for the Virtual Switch, it has a place holder for “Gateway Address” and a “Secret Key”. Is “Gateway Address” the IP of the ST Hub? Where do i find the “Secret Key”? I know that a Client Secret Key is created when creating a Smart App using OAuth, but I don’t know why it would be needed for a virtual device? The link to the Git Hub code is below. Thanks for your help!

(Brian Diehl) #2

It isn’t one that will work with this, is it?

(Jason Burt) #3

I’m not sure. That thread doesn’t mention my particular controller. I am hoping that I can get this Virtual Device code to work. My LED strip is for kitchen under counter lighting, so it isn’t quite as involved as the referenced how-to is designed for.