Need help with adding a Virtual Switch to control a RGBW LED Strip

I purchased a LEDENET UFO WiFi Controller to control a strip of RGBW LED lights. After searching for possible ST integration methods, I found a git hub repo for a guy that created a virtual device within ST to control this WiFi controller. The problem is that within the code for the Virtual Switch, it has a place holder for “Gateway Address” and a “Secret Key”. Is “Gateway Address” the IP of the ST Hub? Where do i find the “Secret Key”? I know that a Client Secret Key is created when creating a Smart App using OAuth, but I don’t know why it would be needed for a virtual device? The link to the Git Hub code is below. Thanks for your help!

It isn’t one that will work with this, is it?

I’m not sure. That thread doesn’t mention my particular controller. I am hoping that I can get this Virtual Device code to work. My LED strip is for kitchen under counter lighting, so it isn’t quite as involved as the referenced how-to is designed for.