WI-FI LED controller

(Jorge Angel) #1

Ok so i was looking for a z-wave led controller and i only found the fibaro controller. Then i found this WIFI led controller. Is there any way to connect this controller to SmartThings hub


(Michael Hess) #2

An already integrated option:

(Eric M) #3

Yep, @michaelahess is right. Check out the SmartLife option. It is a fantastic device. :wink:

(Jorge Angel) #4

Ok so I’ve been looking for them on google and cant find where to buy them

(Michael Hess) #5

Check aliexpress.com. And be prepared to wait 2 weeks for shipping. It’s well worth it in my opinion though.

(Jorge Angel) #6

Is it this one https://m.aliexpress.com/item/32634286022.html

(Eric M) #7

I have one that I can sell you pre-flashed with or without a power supply. It will cost a little more because of shipping, but it might be worth it to you. PM me if you are interested.

(Michael Hess) #8


(Dave) #9

Just ordered two myself. Looking forward to getting these setup in my house.