Magic Home & SmartThings?

Morning all,
How do I go about importing my Magic Home devices into the SmartThings app?? I have imported all my Philips Hue / LIFX devices but I can’t find Magic Home in the available device companies…

Also I have a small cam that is Neos Smrt home but can’t seem to find that either.

Apologies if this has been answered before

Thanks in advance


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Magic home has to be either custom flashed or IFTT no direct support through ST.

Ok how do I create a smart switch? Am I being thick?? (Quite possibly)

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Great thank you :+1:

So I have created a Smart Switch in SmartThings for my Magic Home LED and have connect the Applet to it in IFTTT but that will only do one set of LEDS - I have multiple sets of LEDs which I have created Smart switches for but I’m unable to link them in IFTTT as it’ll cancel out the first one I did… is there a way to connect more than one in IFTTT (Example: Bedroom Switch = Bedroom LEDS / Cube = Cube LEDs)

Forget my last post I have just answered my own question… I just create another IFTTT Rule Lol… doh! Sorry

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Hay11, I must be dense. I cannot figure out how to create a new rule for the additional strips, can you help walk me through it? I go to create in IFTTT and magic home, and it wont let me log in. Im so frustrated right now, appreciate any help.
I have all my virtual switches created, just need to link them.