Addcome LED Strip Controller

Hello I am new to Smartthings, I actually do not have anything connected to my hub yet. I was looking for something that can be universal and applied to multiple applications(like different colors of light for different activities or when different things are triggered.) So I noticed the Addcome and thought that tied to different things like smoke alarms or motion sensors and time I could actually do a lot with.

Any thoughts as an alternative to Fibaro or other much more expensive controllers.

ADDCOME DC 9-12V Mini Wifi LED RGBW Controller , Smartphone Control Dimmer For LED Strip (RGBW Controller)

It uses WIFI to receive control commands. I was wondering use the Smartthings V2 couldn’t we communicate with this controller over WIFI. The price is too good to ignore.

Any ideas Please help me out.

Everything you need to know is here:

Thanks for the info once I finish reading the whole thread I am going to give that a try.