Need help updating my SmartThings network

I’m running onto obstacles trying to update my SmartThings set up. I’ve ignored it for a while due to more pressing concerns. Now I have problems.

My favorite Cree bulbs are no longer available. All I want is plain white dimmable bulbs.

Two of my existing Cree bulbs keep going offline for no apparent reason. They reinstalled with no problems and initially worked fine (dusk on, sunrise off) until they didn’t.

I looked at a Sengel bulb that appeared to be a suitable substitute only to find it can’t be shipped to California.

Other bulbs have their own apps and don’t work with SmartThings.

The Everwave open/close sensor I’m familiar with is no longer available.

There are new functions I’ve never heard of. Like Matter. What the heck is that?

It doesn’t take long to end up behind the times! I’m a senior citizen and have done very well keeping up with the tech world until now. I don’t have time to research and sort all this out.

Any suggestions where to begin? I was happy with my simple bulbs, sensors and switches and had them all animated just fine. Now what?

Thanks for any ideas.



Yep— there have been a lot of changes both with the industry as a whole and with smartthings specifically in the last year. It’s been hard for any of us to keep up! :thinking:

As far as matter, the short answer is that it’s a new industry standard which is intended to make it easier for Home Automation Devices to work together. The idea is that a Home Automation device manufacturer would only have to create one integration, and at least some features of the device would then work with SmartThings, Apple Home, Google Home, Alexa, etc.

It’s a great idea in theory, but the rollout has been pretty bumpy in practice, so it’s still something that has yet to achieve its potential. But all of the big players are on board, so it does seem to be coming.

Consumer reports has a particularly good explainer article here:

Matter Smart Home Standard FAQ - Consumer Reports

And here’s the discussion thread from this forum about the smartthings – specific aspects of matter:

Matter - smart home connectivity standard (formerly Project CHIP)

SmartThings hubs have been updated so that they can bring matter certified devices into your smartthings account. However, Samsung has not yet made the commitment to have smartthings hubs be “matter bridges” so you can’t add a smartthings hub to other matter – compliant apps (like Apple Home or Tuya Smart Life). Maybe someday, but for now, the smartthings/matter integration is one way in. Not out.

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As for specific device suggestions: I assume you do have a smartthings hub since you were using the Cree bulbs, but which model is it? There are a few differences these days as far as available devices since the V2 hubs are not a Thread Border router, and the V3 and station hubs are.

My ST hub is v.3. Am I in good shape to stick with that for the time being?

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Thanks for the resource links to start learning what I need to know. I’ll read these and come back with further responses. :+1:t3:

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Yes, the V3 hub is actually the most capable hub right now. :sunglasses: including for matter support.

Do read the consumer reports explainer on matter. It’s a really good introduction. But you don’t have to read the whole thread in this forum, that’s a lot of back-and-forth about different technical issues and different devices. It’s just if you are curious there’s a lot of good stuff there. So, up to you.

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That’s a big bummer because I replaced all my Cree bulbs with Sengled Daylight bulbs and they’ve been flawless for the last couple years.

I assume they can’t be shipped to CA because of some regulation, but could you have them shipped to a friend and then they send them to you?

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It’s probably title 20, and probably means the box for that particular model doesn’t have the right text on it. (Really)

This is why sometimes you can order, for example, a two pack, but not a four pack of the same model. (Again, really)

I also live in California, and I find that Best Buy often has the same model, but in a box with the right text on it and I can get the devices there.


Yes, it’s Title 20. Interesting what you say about needing to have the right codes on the box. Best Buy has been taken over by Pacific Sales where I live (So Cal, USA) but they do have the bulbs you linked. These look like just what I need and I ordered several, free shipping.

Thanks a ton for this direction. I’ll work with these when they arrive and go from there.

Next I need to figure out how to reset my Enerwave open/close sensor. The battery is still good. I’ll google to see if I can find the old instructions.


I just finished reading the two articles and feel better informed vs lost and overwhelmed. Good stuff. :boom:


JD and John, Thank you for the solution to my problem and the sourcing of the bulbs (I ordered online from Best Buy). I replaced the Cree bulbs I was using outdoors with the Sengled bulbs you suggested. The bulbs were super simple to pair. They’ve gone through two cycles flawlessly, turning on at sunset and off at sunrise. I really appreciate your help and the ongoing help from this community.


You’re welcome, and to hear it worked out!


Update: It’s 6 months later and my Sengled bulbs are still working flawlessly. Thanks again guys for the help.